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About Company SIGNET SYSTEM established a new subdivided company so called SIGNET EV by dividing the business area of a charger for electric car among business areas of an industrial charger and a charger for the electric car, which had been implemented previously.

We have focused on the development and production of a fast charger for a charger station and a built-in type charger to recharge electric automobiles. Especially, a patent-registered technology for parallel operation of the charger is applied to the fast charger. Such products are compared to other products in view of their smaller size and higher efficiency to attract attention.

The environmental problem has gradually been emerged as the world concern. The electric driving vehicles must be the most effective alternative and the demand for electric vehicles has been increasing rapidly.
Regarding the use of electric cars, a battery and a charger to recharge the battery are the core devices that lead the era of eco-friendly electric automobiles.

We have been developing a system to apply our products to all alternative cells including lithium cell, solar cell, and fuel cell, which have come to the issue of main future energy source.

Staffs & Employees
  • 2018
    • .08 Additional Order "Electrify America" 86 EA, DC Ultra-Fast Charger
    • .04 Award "Electrify America" 340 EA, DC Ultra-Fast Charger
  • 2017
    • .09 Signet EV listed on Konex [Stock Market]
  • 2016
    • .12 Signet EV Inc. Established
  • 2015
    • .06 SIGNET EVSE Inc. established(LA, U.S.A local corporation)
      VA, U.S.A Branch established on Mar. 2016
  • 2011
    • .02 Electric vehicle DC fast charger sales agreement signed with Marubeni Corporation
  • 2010
    • .11 Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Minister commendation Award
    • .11 G20 Conference Electric vehicle Bus service
      (Installed Electric vehicle charging station at Jamsil stadium)
  • 2006
    • .11 Awarded "10milion dollars tower of export" at the 43rd trade day
  • 2005
    • .11 "5Million dollars tower of export" at the 42nd trade day
  • 2001
    • .09 Small and Medium Business Technological innovation Grand prize
      (Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy Minister prize)
  • 2000
    • .10 Make 6 Million USD Contract with U.S.A "Upright Company"
  • 1998
    • .05 Acquired "AC Chopper Type AVR" Patent(No.0218087)
    • .04 Established Signet System
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